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Some insurance companies will charge higher rates than others, and some agents are "captive" to the one company they work for. This means they only represent the products of that one company. I am an independent agent and can seek out the most competitive rates from a number of companies to best fit your budget. This frequently results in better protection at more economical rates. Contact me today and get choices!


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Your local independent insurance agent is here to help. [COMPANY] is committed to providing clients with the highest quality insurance plans combined with some of the lowest rates available in [COMPANYSTATE]. We are proud to be serving the insurance needs of consumers and businesses.

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[COMPANY] understands the importance of protecting the things that matter to you. We want to make sure you completely understand what your coverages are and why you have them. That's why we take the time to personally talk to you and walk you through coverages available and why they are essential.

Personal Insurance

Let us serve you the way an insurance agent should. We will focus on your personal needs and background. We provide insurance that you need with a competitive price tag.

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Personal Insurance

Commercial Insurance

We cover all types of Business Insurance. Our dedicated agents want to know and understand what your needs and business priorities are. We then compare companies to get you the BEST VALUE for your buck.

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Business Insurance

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  • Tailored insurance coverage
  • Options with broad coverage
  • Experienced agents
  • Local & independent
  • Working for you
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We are here to help you, no matter your insurance needs. We have experienced agents and genuinely want to help you get the insurance coverage you need at an affordable price.

Even though you can't prevent negative events from impacting your life, you can take steps to limit the financial harm they can cause. Our loss prevention experts can help point you in the right direction to an insurance policy with more peace of mind. Give us a call at [PHONE1] or stop in the office and personally talk to an independent insurance agent today.

DeAnna Carper Breeding
DeAnna Carper Breeding
My experience working with ICA Agency Alliance has been truly amazing! Everyone has been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful during my transition as a new Independent Agency Owner.
Jami Allen Siegfried
Jami Allen Siegfried
ICA allows me to be an independent agent, without being alone. They offer great support locally, access to several carriers and give me the freedom to operate by agency as I see fit. I'm so thankful to ICA for all they do, I wouldn't want to work with anyone else!
Sharon Keene Sawyer
Sharon Keene Sawyer

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